Sn@tching A Coffee!

http://Sn@tch-ing A Coffee

After a hard weekend of SL Halloween parties, my Monday was a relaxing day of idle shopping and drinking lots of coffee! Luckily I found this comfy and stylish top from Sn@tch at the Designer Circle… I just LOVE the lace trim on the bottom and the cuffs, and the way it’s cut up in a wave over the tummy (not to mention the HUD with 30 colors/patterns)! It paired perfectly with these loungy leggings already in my closet (also from Sn@tch, in 8 colors); the free Halloween choker was just the whipped cream on my coffee!

Spellbinding Dark Magic


I am absolutely enthralled with my primary Halloween outfit this year (I always have more than one, there are soooo many parties lol).  Pieced together from various dark fairs and events, I think it has a magic all its own. And I’ve already been told that the outfit is “smokin’ hot”… what better feedback is there?

Still waiting…

http://Engine is running

I’m never very patient when it comes to waiting (just ask my Durzle!), but on Mondays!?! At least with this look I’m stylish while my fuse slowly burns down…

A special treat

http://MINA Zahrahttp://Apple picking time (closeup)

To celebrate my first week of blogging (yay!), I picked up this awesome hair from MINA as a special treat for myself. It looked soooo cute with this little outfit I pulled together, it inspired me to go pick something else… apples!

*NOTE: It looks like both Shiny Things and Turnstyle are no longer inworld, but since they are some of my favorite jewelry items, they still make it into some of my looks…

My inner cowgirl… Yee-haw!


Among this week’s 60L bargains, I stumbled upon this surprisingly sexy, hi-low casual dress that for some reason moved my inner cowgirl and just made me want to saddle up and say “yee-haw”. So I donned my hat, put on some boots, and went in search of a horse… Happy trails!

Awesomely curvy with pizzazz!

http://Curvy with PiZazz

Nothing makes my little shopaholic heart skip a beat like finding a great little dress at a simply unbelievable price. My heart skipped two beats with this awesome little bargain from PiZazz.  Everything about it is just right, from the stylish cut of the tulip skirt to the curve-emphasizing fit to the ribbing on the top, the pattern on the skirt and the way the light reflects off the fabric on the butt. It’s mesmerizing (or so I’m told ;-)!  And all this for just 50L!!!!

Chilly weather means LEATHER!

http://Biker Babe http://KS Kumiko Jacket Skull

Lucky me, because I just happened to find this awesome biker jacket fatpack on a FIFTY5 THURSDAYS offer from KingbalStores… and it came in my size! Since I paired it with orange jeans in honor of Halloween, I just went with classic black, but the included HUD gives you 9 other choices too!

Great bargain find!

http://Curvy Chic  http://Curvy Chic Closeup

I LOVE this little dress I picked up on promotion from the Cremosas main store (also now at Designer Showcase)! Not only does it have my Tonic Curvy size for a great sexy fit, but the 10-color HUD lets you change the color in three ways: front/left sleeve, back/right sleeve, and laces separately, for all kinds of different curvy looks.



Hello curvy world!

Although I’ve been in SL for more than 10 years, I only recently converted to a mesh body. For the first time, I’m free to look exactly the way I want… not a cookie-cutter shape, not a “skinny mini”, but uniquely curvy to my own individual taste. From the day I first put on my Tonic Curvy, I’ve NEVER taken it off (at least, not intentionally!). But fashion is decidedly different when you’re full-figured, in real life AND in Second Life. Clothes don’t hang as pictured, and rather than enhance those sexy curves, sometimes they just look dumpy. And although Tonic sizes are becoming more common, I still feel triumphant when I discover one that’s worth my precious lindens (not to mention a spot in my Appearance closet lol). And that brings us to the launch of Ceja’s Curvy Chic, where I’ll share my experience of the Trials and Tribulations of being curvy in Second Life… and put my shopaholic tendencies to communal use!