Waiting for spring…

http://Right Here Waiting for You

I’ve noticed lately how much of life is spent waiting… waiting for people, waiting for a reply, waiting for feedback, waiting for change, even waiting for the water to boil. Personally, I try to always do something else while I’m waiting (it’s how I read so much lol) or at the very least, to look good while waiting! With its amazing fit and cheery butterflies, this relatively simple outfit is a perfect look while waiting for spring to actually arrive!

  • Body: Tonic – Curvy Beauty
  • Head: LAQ – Neve (Bento)
  • Skin: WoW Skins – Mandy
  • Eyebrows: DS’Elles – Eyebrow Series 8 for Omega
  • Eyes: IKON – Hope Eyes in Emerald
  • Hair: MINA – Zahra
  • Tattoo: Juna – Branches of Flowers (Omega)
  • Top & Jeans: Sweet E’s – Butterfly Jeans and Tank Outfit
  • Shoes: Reign – Spring Tassel Wedges (with HUD)
  • Jewelry:  EarthStones – Kanza Earrings in Bloodstone;  Earthstones – Sentiment Necklace, Loved; Chop Zuey – Bel Aire Gold Women’s Wedding Band
  • Nails: Encore – Shades of Pink Nail Appliers
  • Pose: FoxCity – The Tube 1M

Show-stopping elegance!

http://Show-stopping elegance

Nothing makes me feel as elegant and beautiful as a gown. It’s the perfect pick-me-up whenever I’m feeling a bit down. This gorgeous new gown from Allure made me feel spectacular (even with my slightly crossed eyes lol)! I love how so many of the Allure gowns come in Tonic sizes (no, not ALL, but MANY, with a wide range of styles), so they fit my Tonic body absolutely perfectly. And the attention to detail and textures are consistently sensational, like the big flowing bow at the back and the subtle sequins on the bodice (not that overly glittery texturing you so often see), as well as optional touches so that you can customize your look to fit your style or the occasion. I’m wearing everything — the pearl and diamond broach for that eye-catching detail, the optional stole and the flexiprim skirt, which my partner loved “because it swirls like smoke”, but you can choose to go without. Elegance and personalized style indeed! And, of course, matching shoes are always included! Demos (again, as always) are available upon request.

  • Body: Tonic – Curvy Beauty
  • Head: LAQ – Neve (Bento)
  • Skin: WoW Skins – Mandy
  • Eyebrows: DS’Elles – Eyebrow Series 8 for Omega
  • Eyes: IKON – Hope Eyes in Emerald
  • Makeup:  DS’Elles – Eyeshadow Series 10 plus Lipstick Series 8, both for Omega
  • Hair: TRUTH – Tinsley (VIP December gift)
  • Tattoo: Juna – Branches of Flowers (Omega)
  • Gown with Shoes: Allure Couture – Vivian Bow Sash Gown in Emerald (includes Tonic sizes) with optional Flexi Skirt and Stole; includes Vivian Side Bow Slink Heels
  • Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Maharani Necklace and Earrings; EarthStones – Bacall Pearl Cocktail Ring Emerald (Bento); Chop Zuey – Bel Aire Gold Women’s Wedding Band
  • Nails: ZOZ – White Lace Polish (gift at the  Shop Your Heart Out Event ends 2/26)
  • Pose: BellePoses – Millie 4 (Events and Marketplace Only)
  • Location: Atlas Luxury Lounge

Lace makes everything better!

http://Lace, for when life is like a horse's you-know-what

It’s been a rough week dealing with an aging parent lost in technology.  I then escaped into my own world of technology here on the grid, where I spent some more time thinking about how I choose exactly what to blog. I realized that as a blogger, I do a lot of shopping with an eye towards not just what I want to wear, but what I think others might want to know about. And although I’m always looking for new designers who create clothes in Tonic sizes (or which easily fit the Tonic body), I find that certain brands consistently provide the looks I want at a reliable value since yes, my Second Life has a budget. Along that line, I find that S&B Fashion is a great source for Tonic gals to find casual wear. I totally fell in love with the detailing on this lace top — between the cut outs along the neck and the bottom edging, together with the little embellishments and the sheer fabric that’s almost-but-not-quite-too-revealing — for which a Tonic size is an absolute must. (For those who don’t want the sheer lining, the top is also available with a solid lining; both versions come with multi-HUDs offering a choice of 6 colors.) The jeans, while not in a Tonic size, fit me perfectly in Physique with some judicious use of the alpha hud on the legs, and are nicely detailed as well, with embroidered stitching running down the seams and edging at the cuffs. And for some reason, wearing lace always makes me feel better… even when dealing with the frustrations of the real world!

  • Body: Tonic – Curvy Beauty
  • Head: LAQ – Neve (Bento)
  • Skin: LAQ – Valentine Skin Applier
  • Eyebrows: DS’Elles – Eyebrow Series 8 for Omega
  • Eyes: IKON – Hope Eyes in Emerald
  • Hair: Argrace – Shirabe
  • Makeup: LIVIA – Amel Lipstick
  • Nails: Encore – Shades of Green Nail Appliers
  • Outfit: S&B Fashion – Top & Jeans Candance Lace *6 Colours (top in Tonic; pants worn in Physique)
  • Shoes: KC Couture – Sevilla Wedges
  • Tattoo:  Juna – Lule V2
  • Jewelry: EarthStones – Neisha Earrings in Black/Paua/MoP and Stone Donut Bracelet in Green Apatite/Brown; [VO.Z] – Twining Around Tenderness Bento Rings; Chop Zuey – Bel Aire Gold Women’s Wedding Band
  • Location: Luane’s World (Slice of Heaven)

Waiting for the warmth of the sun

http://Waiting for the warmth of the sun

Blech, another day of seesawing weather here in RL; we’re supposed to have a two-day reprieve from winter’s chill, and here I am, just waiting for the sun. Obviously some outfits are getting lost in my “To Blog” folder (this is an autumn dress lol), but I just fell in love with how this whole rust-colored theme set off my new hair and eyes (both new brands for me!), not to mention the one bare shoulder and Tonic-curvy-enhancing style.  Not only that, it actually fits better with the weather lol!

Shopped My Heart Out

http://When Doves Cry

It may have taken some true survivalist skills to not only make it through the inworld Valentine’s Day madness, but to score some finds in all the V-Day sales, events and love-themed merchandise.  Getting into the fabulous Shop Your Heart Out Event was an achievement in itself! Several of this week’s finds are part of this preppier-than-usual-for-me look I pulled together, which is simply perfect for this not quite winter/not quite spring weather…

Exclusive elegance for Valentine’s

http://Valentine's Day Attitude

Even after 11 years in SL, I still find that getting all dolled up and going out in a gown creates a certain sense of excitement. Maybe it’s because it’s such a rare occurrence in my RL, but the whole process of putting together that couturish look just makes me happy.  Still, finding gowns for my Tonic curves isn’t always easy.  Yes, any Omega gown will fit, but many of those are so revealing that for me, they lose that sense of elegance. Which is why I’ve been so thrilled since I found Allure. Although she creates a lot of awesome non-formal wear (some of which I’ve featured on these pages), I find her gowns — many of which come in true Tonic sizes — are truly exceptional.

Although this beautiful one-shoulder gown won’t fully release until March (which means seven additional color choices), the dark rose is just so perfect for Valentine’s (without being the red that almost every other avatar will be wearing) that per the designer “it screamed to be released early”! The texture is a romantic mixture of chiffon and satin textures, with materials to pick up the highlights.  I just love the resulting gleam in the texture plus all those little details that make an Allure gown so special, like the half peplum that really sets off my Tonic curves in a truly elegant fashion. The gown includes an optional flexi shoulder scarf (worn) as well as a flexi skirt for those who like that option (not shown). Keep in mind, that if you join the Allure group, you get an automatic discount on the whole store including a 50% discount on the first week of new releases as well. Also, and to me this is HUGE, the designer will provide a DEMO upon request.

  • Body: Tonic – Curvy Beauty
  • Head: LAQ – Neve (Bento)
  • Skin: LAQ – Nellie, with Nellie makeup HUD
  • Eyebrows: DS’Elles – Eyebrow Series 8 for Omega
  • Eyes: Dulce Secrets – Glint Jade Eyes
  • Hair: Amacci – Daphne in Modern Red
  • Gown with Shoes: Allure Couture – Sidney Gown in Dark Rose (includes Tonic sizes) with optional Flexi Skirt and Shoulder Scarf; includes Flower Heels in Rose & Silver
  • Jewelry: Vintage Jewels – Eternelle Earrings, Bracelet (VERY high complexity) & Ring (extinct vendor)
  • Nails: Encore – Glittery Purples
  • Pose: Image Essentials – Sultry 10
  • Location: The Looking Glass Ballroom

Just thinking about blogging…

http://Just thinking about the blog

I passed 500 followers a little while back, and it’s made me stop and think about this blog, why I do it, the fun I have doing it, the work I put into it, and question whether anyone even really looks at it. I realized that all that really matters is what it means to ME. The fact is I’m actually seeing more of the grid than I have for years (other than shopping and music venues) because I don’t do PhotoShop, and rather than shoot in a photo box, I run around spotting locations and just plain exploring much more of the marvelous creativity to be found on the grid.  That said, I also just love putting together the looks and sharing them! Today’s mix-n-match look flaunts my Tonic curviness with a true combination of new —  my MOZ jeans, Facepalm jacket, and Bauhaus pose — and inventory faves! And something new I’m introducing is that going forward, I’ll be putting new items I’m featuring into boldface (and that means new for me or at an event, not necessarily new for SL).

A city girl, a pickup truck, and beer… sounds like the start of quite a story!

http://A city girl, a pickup truck, and beer

I’ve been a bad girl lately, doing way too much shopping or to be more specific, too much buying! But I just can’t resist putting together an entire look once I find a new outfit… finding the right hair, the right shoes, and then the right setting and pose. This one actually took more work than most… and somehow I wandered into a setting that worked, but where I feel a bit like a fish out of water.  A city girl, a pickup truck, and beer… works for me!

  • Body: Tonic – Curvy Beauty
  • Head: LAQ – Neve (Bento)
  • Skin: WoW Skins – Niah
  • Eyebrows: DS’Elles – Eyebrow Series 8 for Omega
  • Eyes: Anatomy – Vie Mesh Eyes in Green, exclusively at the Blush Fair
  • Hair: eXxEsS – Nova
  • Top: Glitter – Lara Puffer Jacket (worn in Hourglass, NOT available in Tonic) and Top (Omega applier) in Blue Night
  • Pants: Glitter – Lara Cargo Pants (in Tonic) in Blue Night 
  • Shoes: KC Couture – Scarlett Boots
  • Tattoo: Pin Up – Luz del Fuego (Omega)
  • Nails: LIVIA – Metallic Shine Nail Applier
  • Jewelry: Beloved Jewelry – Gold Flower Earrings
  • Scene: Tylar’s Treasures – Trunk Date, available at the Swank Event

Friday Night Attitude

http://Friday Night Attitude

I love Friday nights in Second Life! Not only because my partner is usually inworld, but also because it’s when I tend to don those sexy clubby outfits and go dance the night away! This Friday, I had a hankering to wear lace and put together this look to hit Funk Friday over at the MMAC (one of my favorite venues on a Friday night). Between the lace top applier and the sexy little hotpants (yes, they come in Tonic sizes!), not to mention the hells with lace socks, I was ready to boogie the night away!!!

  • Body: Tonic – Curvy Beauty
  • Head: LAQ – Neve (Bento)
  • Skin: WoW Skins – Mandy
  • Eyebrows: DS’Elles – Eyebrow Series 8 for Omega
  • Eyes: Anatomy – Vie Mesh Eyes in Green, exclusively at the Blush Fair
  • Hair: D!va – Helen in Garnet
  • Outfit: Siss Boom – So Lace, Plum (applier top; mesh sizes bottom, including Tonic)
  • Shoes: Mosquito’s Way – Candy Lace Heels (HUD)
  • Jewelry: Akorat – Tsumami Earrings, Koorigasane (Gacha and Marketplace); Yummy – Sweetheart Rings (HUD), exclusively at the N21 Event
  • Tattoo: Juna – White Fahari (Omega)
  • Nails: A:S:S – Metal Dreams (appears to now be Marketplace Only)
  • Pose: GingerFish Poses – Curves 1 (Marketplace & Events only
  • Location: Solarwinds

Vacation Dreams

http://Vacation dreams

I know it’s a recurrent theme of late, but I’m just so done with winter. I really really REALLY need a vacation, which is just not in the cards at this point. Thankfully, I can indulge those vacation fantasies on the grid, and look absolutely fabulous doing it (which sadly is another fantasy lol)! If only I had these Tonic curves in RL I could flaunt a bikini like this sexy little number from MOZ on a sandy beach with crystal blue water… sighs, if only…